Monday, November 25, 2019

Classic Camel

It's always hard to find "the" perfect camel. For some strange reason, yarn cards either have ones that are just a little too faded and dull, a little too yellow or a little too red.  The worst is when they're not heathered.

Maybe these photos are retouched but the images capture the color beautifully and what everyone should aspire to in their camel-y richness.


Monday, November 11, 2019

Boulder Shoulders

The 1980's are calling...

Jackets and dresses with big shoulders were seen in many of the Spring 2020 collections. In the wrong hands, this look is mostly just plain awful but several designers demonstrated precision cutting and draping methods to make the trend seem quite appealing.

I tried to track down a few pieces in knitwear. Stitch construction, yarn choice, and knitting techniques all need to combine to fully realize this trend for sweaters.

Adam Lippes - Spring 2020
T Magazine China
Telva Magazine