Monday, November 5, 2018

Do The Polka

I never used to like polka dots. I always thought of them as being a little too girly for me but when they're done in simple black and white they look more modern and sophisticated. I especially love the the jumbo size and density of the layout in the 1st image. The silhouette itself is also quite chic.

Harper's Bazaar Brazil May 2018

I'm guessing that if Taylor Swift is sporting the look, there will be millions of fans as well.

Monday, October 29, 2018

A Touch of Lace

I'm laughing as I write the title of this post because it's the name of a throw-back NYC garment center company that happens to still be around. Touch of Lace is the largest producer of Venise lace and Shiffli embroidery in the US and they still make everything in-house in Fairview NJ. At my very first job with Susan Lazar we worked with them a bit. They're so old-school they don't even have a website but the link above takes you to their page on the Maker's Row site if you want more info.

Sadly, most designers don't do their own leg work anymore and that's partially because it's pretty hard to find companies that are actually based here who can come show you their offerings. Everything is mostly outsourced to an overseas factory. Clip a picture from some runway show or editorial, and send it off in an email to source on your behalf. In return you'll get a few random cuttings and a bunch of catalogs. Of course if you can afford it, there are some beautiful French and Italian lace mills that we used quite often.

Anyway, I like lace. I find it demure and elegant.

Tanya Taylor Resort 2019
Chunky sweater over a slip with lace peeking out. Not necessarily something we haven't seen before but the masculine/feminine juxtaposition feels right currently.

The below image is by a Copenhagen designer where a lot of interesting fashion moments seem to be coming from these days. This isn't lace but it's got a lacey aspect and while it's more of a styling trick than anything else, I find it interesting. Tableclothe chic perhaps?!

Cecile Banhsen FW17

Monday, October 22, 2018

Thursday, October 18, 2018


Although I mostly wear black, white, grey, and navy I've been liking anything in pink these days. When it's knit in something chunky it feels a little less girly.

The Knitter via Elle Spain

Here's a nice handknit in 100% Peruvian wool from the "Wildlings" Collection by a UK made-to-order company I stumbled upon called Gold Freckles. I'm assuming the season's name is a Game of Thrones reference? 

Gold Freckles

Thursday, October 11, 2018

Tension Play

Lorod Resort 2019
Tse Cashmere Fall 2018

3 views of the same Lurdes Bergada dress with long floats: Editorial, Runway, Product

Lurdes Berrada SS12


Monday, October 8, 2018

In Bloom

Flowers are everywhere. Big bold ones. Or maybe because I just completed a project with a heavy dose of floral patterns that I'm noticing them.

Not sure if this coat is a knit...probably not but when you look at the flowers you can practically count stitches. Even if this is not a knit, you can easily translate it.

Amanda Shadforth @oraclefox

If anyone knows the designer of this lovely jacquard floral sweater, please leave a comment below. I think it's a pretty obvious one but I can't figure it out. Dolce? Valentino? Anyone?

source unknown

Lots of blurry, dense floral patterns out there too

Harper's Bazaar Turkey August 2018

A graphic dense floral print by the artist, Lulie Wallace. I love the black ground of this one which I found on tumblr. A lot of work shown on her website seems lighter and more feminine, which isn't necessarily my thing so this one seems unique. She recently released a series of hand painted framed silks, which are as pricey as some Hermes scarves but there are plenty of prints and other items that are very affordable. She also collaborates with Anthropologie so if you're into her style you can pick-up something there for a lot less.

Thursday, October 4, 2018


A little Fall, a little Spring. Some ways to wear crops tops throughout the year.

LFW Spring 2019 | The Fashion Medley
This one is a little nuts. I'm not exactly sure from what this top is knit...maybe glossy, puffer-coat-esque quilted strips? I can see a seam line on each "yarn" so it's possible.

Grazia Netherlands October 2018

Top from Zara. I also highly recommend following her insta. Amazing style!

L'Officiel Paris May 2018

Thursday, September 27, 2018

Maritime Style

Martha's Vineyard or Nantucket? Ralph or Lily Pulitzer? Nautical style often conjures cliche Americana pastimes that devolve into a puddle of preppy pastiche. I love stripes, I love boats and I can tie a mean cleat hitch but I personally prefer water world expressions that are more relaxed than typical yacht club dress codes.

The October editorial in Harper's Bazaar Spain does a nice job representing this aesthetic. I also like that this shoot appears in a Fall book rather than in a high-Summer one, which creates an unfussy and cooler aesthetic.

Most of the pictures are of knitwear looks but check out the entire spread for some other great images. And I wish I could cite the designers of these pieces but more often than not, the online imagery from magazines is presented without the credits. When and if I find them I will update.


Monday, September 24, 2018


Some people call this stitch popcorn.  Others prefer bobbles.  Regardless, its a classic that adds texture and fun.

Intermix Fall 2018
Zimmerman Fall 2018
Zimmerman Fall 2018

Thursday, September 20, 2018


Get ready to start seeing a lot of Western-inspired looks. Guess what that means? FRINGE! But also  buffalo plaids and checks, which are a natural expression of the theme. Personally, I prefer less literal interpretations of fashion trends.

The below pieces offer a (very, very) deconstructed approach to Western. The first image also hits nicely on future color trends; colors which are still quite saturated but closer to pastels without the dusty, faded aspect. I am personally liking all the minty, fluffy cotton candy-esque shades I've been noticing (see Delpozo Resort 2019.)  I'll have to do a color post soon.

Monday, September 17, 2018

Diamonds Are Forever

Maybe it's because the 80's are popping up again or maybe it's the Trump effect.

How To Spend It Magazine
Vogue Taiwan August 2018

Swarovski crystals in a diamond mesh pattern

Salt Magazine

Gold chain. Also I LOVE Maeve Marshall's freckles!

Ellery Resort 2019
Elle Vietnam September 2018

From 2017...note the dense florals paired with something linear and stripey, a trend which blew-up in the active and performance world in recent seasons.