Monday, October 8, 2018

In Bloom

Flowers are everywhere. Big bold ones. Or maybe because I just completed a project with a heavy dose of floral patterns that I'm noticing them.

Not sure if this coat is a knit...probably not but when you look at the flowers you can practically count stitches. Even if this is not a knit, you can easily translate it.

Amanda Shadforth @oraclefox

If anyone knows the designer of this lovely jacquard floral sweater, please leave a comment below. I think it's a pretty obvious one but I can't figure it out. Dolce? Valentino? Anyone?

source unknown

Lots of blurry, dense floral patterns out there too

Harper's Bazaar Turkey August 2018

A graphic dense floral print by the artist, Lulie Wallace. I love the black ground of this one which I found on tumblr. A lot of work shown on her website seems lighter and more feminine, which isn't necessarily my thing so this one seems unique. She recently released a series of hand painted framed silks, which are as pricey as some Hermes scarves but there are plenty of prints and other items that are very affordable. She also collaborates with Anthropologie so if you're into her style you can pick-up something there for a lot less.

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