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News | The Weekly Edit 5.28.15

FOR INDUSTRY WATCHERS: (TDH's On-Going Series of Industry Shake-Ups)

TDH EDITOR'S NOTE:  If this is the only thing you read this weekend, it's worth it.  I think everyone who follows TDH knows I love Cathy Horyn. 

TDH EDITOR'S NOTE:  Yes!  This is the kind of design that gets me excited and what I studied at Cornell.



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FOR INDUSTRY WATCHERS:  (TDH's Continuing Series of Industry Shake-ups)

FOR MAGICIANS: (aka trying to unravel the ever-changing fashion calendar)



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News | The Weekly Edit 5.14.16

FOR INDUSTRY WATCHERS:  (TDH's On-Going Series of Industry Shake-Ups)
TDH EDITOR'S NOTE:  It's earnings call time again in Retail and there is a flurry of bad news.  Customers just aren't in the malls and in the stores anymore.  Old school ways don't work anymore and to fix the big retailers and brands is like trying to turn around the Titanic.  It not only takes time, it takes vision and bravery.  A longer commentary to follow on all this.

TDH EDITOR'S NOTE:  Heed the above


TDH EDITOR'S NOTE:  Click on the "About" section above to learn about my path into fashion.  As a graduate of Cornell University, my studies largely focused on functional apparel; designing and building clothing and accessories that considered end-use, wearer's needs, and incorporating material science and technology to execute best in class product.  The blend of function and fashion in pursuit of the dollar in this case however raises an interesting discussion on ethics and values.  I welcome your comments below.


TDH EDITOR'S NOTE:  THIS is the future of fashion and I want in!  Read more about FIGS HERE

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Weekend Shopping Splurge | Tie-Dye never really gets old does it?  Tie-dye was all over the runways for Spring 2016 and while it always channels a somewhat bohemian vibe, this year's crop doesn't push you into deadhead territory.  Tie-dye sweaters however are usually printed to look like tie-dye rather than using a true twisting and knotting technique.  Even though you've probably seen 1000's of printed sweaters it's often a tricky endeavor unless your factory really knows what's its doing.  (And I can tell you from personal experience, they rarely do.)

The last image is a printed sweater made to look like traditional Japanese Shibori which I worked on with Thakoon for his Spring 2008 Collection.  8 years old and it still looks great!

The Elder Statesman
BCBG Spring 2016
Thakoon Spring 2008

Barney's has a pretty extensive offering of Raquel Allegra's tie-dye tops, tees, dresses, and pants.  If you like the Thakoon sweater above I recommend this great sweater paired with cropped denim multi-wash jeans.

Raquel Allegra


TDH Disclosure:  I was not financially compensated for this post by either Raquel Allegra or Barney's New York.  All opinions and recommendations are completely my own based on my experience and research.

Monday, May 2, 2016

Transfer Ribs | Victoria Beckham S/S 2016

The white, the fluidity, the fuss-free attitude.  Victoria Beckham's Spring/Summer 2016 Collection did exactly what she set out to do: surprise.  

While I've always credited her with being a serious designer rather than another celebrity engaging in a vanity project, I can't say I'm a typical Victoria Beckham customer.  However, now that all the Spring collections are almost on sale I went back and took another look at her show and I can safely say I've been converted.  I want these clothes!  No gimmicks mucking up the presentation or towering heels suitable only for women who scoot around town with private drivers.  These clothes almost literally could walk off the runway and into someone's daily wardrobe aside of course.

As a knitwear designer I am truly impressed with the technical prowess of these rib knits.  While there's a hint of Celine here, Beckham has carved out a new niche for herself with these silhouettes; something softer and less overtly sexy yet still sublimely chic.