Sunday, April 8, 2012

sweater sundays

via: Knit Grandeur

WHO:  Giorgio Armani modeled by Jodie Kidd in German Elle August, 1995

WHAT:  pointelle chevron crewneck pullover

WHY:  perfect transition sweater.  you can wear this elegantly as a traditional Armani customer would (which i am not at all) or i can see it paired with jeans, tough girl boots with buckles a la Givenchy, army green military jacket, and buffalo plaid scarf in red/black for an edgier look.  it also speaks to my love of no-print prints and current decorating desires.  and the black and white image, in and of itself, is sublime

WHERE:  sadly, this shoot was done almost 17 years ago and slim chance you'll find this in any consignment shop (note to self: start online aggregator of vintage designer clothing sites/shops) but here's a few things you might like instead:

buy here: (1), (2), (3)

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  1. I like the transition sweater. Too bad it's hard to find. I think people need to have access to quality garments that are practical; in terms of giving people what I call fashion versatility. The economy is still less than desireable, and people are less likely to impulse buy or just pick up a garment because it "looks cute." They want something they can wear with other garments they already own, without looking silly. I definitely would love to see Wendy create a "retro" line that bridges the past with the present, and sets the standard for a "Fusion Fasion", much like we see in the music world (eg. fusion jazz).