Monday, December 18, 2017

Going Graphic

Monse Resort 2018
Oscar de la Renta Resort 2018
Victor Alfaro Resort 2017

The above sweater was made in a wool/cashmere blend and knit in Italy.  I know this because Victor is a client of mine and I have great respect for his eye and aesthetic.  The below sweater is what we call a knock-off.  Good styling and decent photography makes this $30 "mixed fiber" (whatever that means) sweater an easy click.  How do I know this seemingly simple, black and white sweater is a knock-off?  Because of the same exact combination of elements: the same boxy proportion, the same blocking position, the same mix of a chunkier gauge rib with a finer gauge rib, the same rib structure, the mock neck, and most tellingly, the same slit on the cuff which is definitely a design decision based on someone's particular design POV.  Forget the fact that there's a difference in the quality of materials, the fit and workmanship; consumers need to recognize that without someone else's vision and creativity none of these fast-fashion brands and retailers would exist.  Yes, everyone should be able to participate in fashion and by that I mean have access to affordable, stylish clothes but there's simply too many same-same players churning out too much same-same product.  As long as customers continue to feed the beast, companies will continue to mindlessly pump more stuff into the world; most of which will end up in a landfill in a year or two.  We're not making them think so why should they do anything differently?  #BuyLessBuyBetter

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