Monday, August 27, 2018

Inspired By | Berner Venet

I never heard of Berner Venet but saw his work on a trend board by Fashion Vignette and started to do a little research. OBSESSED! This is art you can live with forever.

Indeterminate Line 1984 - Graphite on wood
Indeterminate Line 2005 - Rolled Steel

Burberry's cashmere jacquard "Graffiti" sweater is what immediately came to mind. I have no idea if Venet's work was on the designers' minds of course...I'll leave that investigative research to the folks over at Diet Prada.

Burberry Grafitti Sweater
Available at Farfetch
Grib 1 - Torch cut waxed steel
Courtesy of Art Plural Gallery
I don't know why only the guys get to have this look.

Yohji Yamamoto Fall/Winter 2015
Installation at Versaille 2011
Kenzo Spring 2014
One Indeterminate Line, 1982
Grib 1 - Torch cut waxed steel

The artist with his work.


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