Saturday, September 17, 2016

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FOR INDUSTRY WATCHERS: (TDH's continuing series of industry shake-ups)

TDH EDITOR'S NOTE:  Hmmm...I find this article misleading.  Yes, it is true that almost all of the world's cashmere fleece (i.e. the raw materials) comes from the same region in Mongolia but there is still a significant difference in the finished yarn and finished garment made by Uniqlo vs. a true luxury sweater made by someone like Brunello Cucinelli.  Not everyone can use the longest, most stable, 1st shearing fleece because it IS more expensive.  There definitely are different grades of cashmere fibre.  Italians and Chinese spin their fleece into yarn a bit differently.  More importantly they have a totally different artisanal approach or intangible "hand" to the way they knit.  Beyond that, a good cashmere sweater really comes down to the water used to wash it and how many sweaters are washed in the machine at the same time in the cleanest water.  That costs money.

TDH EDITOR'S NOTE:  Totokaelo is one of the best multi-brand stores out there who truly understands fashion, customer, and the changing retail environment.  Click the link to check out their website.

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